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A form of yeast, candida refers to a fungus that lives in your intestines and mouth in a very small amount. It is referred to as good bacteria because it helps out with nutrient absorption and digestion. However, when there is candida overgrowth, it can break down the intestine walls and enter your bloodstream. This means toxic byproducts are released in the body and this can lead to candidiasis (Candida infection) and leaky gut. This can lead to numerous health problems, from depression to digestive issues.

So, how do you deal with candida overgrowth? There are several treatment options that can be explored. You could try over-the-counter treatments, which include antifungal treatments available in the form of pessaries or creams. You can get them from drugstores or pharmacies. You can also get vaginal boric acid capsules, which are particularly helpful for women dealing with recurrent infections. Tea tree oil is also recognized for its antifungal properties and can be used for killing a range of fungi.

If you are looking for a natural solution to deal with candida overgrowth, you can opt for an herbal candida cleanse. These are probiotic supplements that are especially formulated for restoring the balance of bacteria in order to eliminate the infection. You can also take natural yogurt, which is unsweetened and non-flavored. It comprises of beneficial bacteria, which can be useful in countering the infection. Another natural remedy that’s recommended is coconut oil, which can be applied internally and externally for easing the symptoms. Likewise, oregano oil is also a good option because it comprises of two powerful antifungals.

Apart from these treatments, some precautions should also be taken to prevent the recurrence of the infection. This includes maintaining a good diet, avoiding oral contraceptives and medicines that may kill off the good bacteria in the body.

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