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Permanent makeup is one of the newest trends that are sweeping the cosmetic industry. People are turning to permanent makeup for enhancing their appearance. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that it has become the top choice of those who lead active lifestyles and don’t have time to do makeup over and over again, those who have lost definition due to illness or ageing and also people who want to fix a flaw in their appearance. These techniques have the ability of changing your life because they can be used in medical ways as well. An advanced version of permanent cosmetics is known as medical tattooing.

This process involves depositing small implants of pigment into the skin’s dermal layer in different parts of the body. With medical tattooing, you can feel more confident and it also gives your self-esteem a boost, if you are suffering from a condition that affects your appearance. Medical tattooing is being used in a number of areas, which include restoring the mammary areola after women have gone through breast cancer treatment or any other surgeries. Likewise, people can also get a stretch mark tattoo.

Burn victims, patients with scars or stable vitiligo and chemotherapy patients can also take advantage of this technique. Also referred to as medical micropigmentation, it can also be used for correcting any kind of alopecia or achromia, whether it is surgical, medical or traumatic in nature. A medical tattoo machine is used for performing this procedure and the technique is mostly painless because it involves the application of an anesthetic cream.

There are several sessions conducted and patients are asked to apply soothing cream and ice for the first couple of days, as they may experience some irritation. The medical tattoo lasts between 3 to 5 years and it is possible to refresh it as per your preference.

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