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Drug abuse is a severe mental health disorder faced by many youths in America. The number of a drug abusers is increasing day by day and now measures approximately 8.5%. It affects not only youth but also children and adults of all kinds, both male and female. Influence like these causes health issues and relationship issues. Those who are not able to handle themselves also enter into various legal problems. It’s better if you stay away from factors responsible for drug abuse.

  • Mental health problem: Commonly, people suffering from mental health pressure like stress, anxiety, or depression often turn to drugs for relief. The change of getting addicted to drugs increases up to three times for such people. So it will be best if you meditate regularly or carry some positive activity.
  • Lack of work: When a person lacks work or has nothing to do, there develops stress, poverty, debts, and a lack of socialism. To avoid such distress, people get into the habit of taking the drug. This problem is also mentioned in Ted talks using an example of a rat. In the experiment, the rat in an empty cage got addicted to water laced with drugs, and the one with a fun environment did not.

This experiment is known as Rat Park and is an example of facts for drug abuse. The loneliness caused by the lack of socialism involves a lack of friends. It can also be because of a lack of family support as they have no one to share their problem or support them in times of need. They take shelter by indulging in harmful activities.

  • Pressure: People having friends or relations involved in drugs are more like to get involved in drugs themselves. This pressure can be because of a mental strain to fit in. This habit is widespread in teens and adults and is one of the main factors responsible for drug abuse.

However, it can also be the other way round as people tend to choose their friends who have the same habits. They can also not quit the addiction to maintain their friends’ appearance or close relations.

  • High power medicines: Some people also develop drug addiction problems while taking regular high power medicine. These medicines include pain killers and antidepressants. Their tolerance to the medication increases over time, leading to addiction. First, they take it to release the pain, and after some time, they develop a mental and physical dependence on them.
  • Family history: This factor is not proven scientifically, but research says that a person with a family history of drug abuse is more likely to get addicted. Some primary facts related to this problem are that the person is growing in an environment that has faced many drug abuse cases and is psychologically inclined to the habit.


Here above mentioned are only a few factors responsible for drug abuse; there are many others. It is essential to stay away from any element to avoid getting a dangerous disorder. It helps maintain physical and mental health. If you are addicted to drugs, then seek out professional help and take measures to get clean. If you want to know about how you can get help, click the link http://247addictionhelpline.com/.

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